This is an enquiry e-mail via from: Marie

Two of my children have had various reactions to vaccines through their childhood. My middle child ost speech and developed serious mental health issues with the meningitis vaccine, she has been diagnosed with PDD on the Autistic spectrum. My youngest has had a serious reaction to the Boostrix vaccine in the last 6 months since he has deteriorated with serious neurological symptoms. Used to be one of the top in his class last year and now bottom as he can no longer concentrate, has blurred vision, zoning out, tremors, flashing lights, clincial depression, a gait when walking, uncontrollable blinking. He has been in hospital twice in the last two months, just done a CT scan, waiting for EEG and possible MRI. All happened after that vaccine. Thinking the aluminum and looking at chelation. Middle child had the Boostrix at 11 also two years ago and lost speech etc. Unless there is some amazing cure for cancer vaccine, my kids both said never again