I would like to take this opportunity to thank Merck for introducing me to Gardasil, if this had not happened, my life would not have taken the course that it has and I would never have met such wonderful people.  

Firstly, Gardasil rudely entered my house uninvited and through the back door and much like a chameleon changed itself from day to day.  It would never present itself fully but instead showed many different sides.  Similar to an evil entity, it possessed my daughter to such a degree that not only had it made itself at home, it was very unwelcome.  

Over the course of several months, my daughter’s health and well being had declined to a very distressing level.  I felt helpless until the day I confronted it.  That was the day I opened the door,  picked up Gardasil and kicked it back to the scumpit cesspool from where it came.  From there on it became my job to also send it’s multiple layers packing , bit by bit with the right treatments.

Gardasil and it’s cousins, H1N1, Flu, BCG, Poliovax, Cervarix, MMR etc etc are never ever welcome in my home and my grandchildren will never meet the offspring from these injections which would have inhabited their bodies.  These come in the forms of Death, Autism, seizures, Guillain Barre Syndrome, vomiting, fever, headaches, nausea, numbness, diarrhoea, paralysis, muscle pain, joint pain, iron deficiency, lack of concentration, extreme tiredness, mood swings and many many more.  Maybe you have met some of these and they have taken up residency in your loved one.

Gardasil, I'm delighted to report that you have firmly put this family's perspective of good health back on the right track, and we are overwhelmingly happy and grateful to rediscover the truth that real health never comes at the end of a needle.  We are now freed from the foul stench of bondage from that snake around the staff which is the medical profession's proud and accurate flagstaff.

I will continue to fight for my rights to be informed and to make a decision not to vaccinate myself, my children or grandchildren.
So thank you once again Merck for opening my eyes to what is really going on.