GARDASIL killed my daughter

I don’t know about you ....... but I am sick and tired of hearing and reading usual propaganda from the Ministry of Health.  Just because the reactions or side-affects don’t match those expected that fall into the so-called category for that particular pharmaceutical product. 

 Reporting adverse reactions

The Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring (CARM) welcomes all adverse reaction reports but particularly requests serious or unexpected reactions.  As one of the main objectives is to identify hitherto unrecognised reactions, presenters should not be deterred by uncertainty regarding cause and effect. For products on the Intensive Medicines Monitoring Programme all adverse clinical events should be reported, whether or not they are thought to be related to the use of the medicine.

   HA !!  Serious..... Unexpected..... Unrecognised..... deterred..... uncertainty.....?

I wonder if Gardasil for Cervical Cancer is even on their intensive Medicines Monitoring Programme giving the fact it was fast-tracked by the FDA before full testing was complete.

My Daughter fitted into that category.  Her reaction was SERIOUSLY UNEXPECTED. Death usually is when you are a very healthy person....... don’t smoke, don’t do drugs and don’t indulge in alcohol.  Go to bed happy and die in your sleep.    OH and we didn't see that coming, So wouldn't that come under UNEXPECTED ?!

My Daughter Jasmine,  Right up until she began the Gardasil for Cervical Cancer Vaccine had a very, normal, cheerful and happy 18 years.... never had any underlining or serious health issues.  And was up to date with all other immunisations.

But after her very first shot of Gardasil in September 2008, she had warts developing on her hands at an incredible rate and had her doctor freeze them off in October 2008.

November 2008 had second shot of Gardasil. The warts on her hands returned and she had her doctor once again ...freeze them off at end of January 2009.

March 2009 Had third shot of Gardasil.

 Right from the first shot as I recall my daughter’s last year she had complained of all  kinds of ailments but were not serious enough to rush to the doctor’s for ... as they would disappear as fast as they came on.

 note:      warts on her hands......headaches often.....dizziness.....weak arms and legs....pins and needles in hands.....moody/snappy.....sweating profusely/her pillow was wet in winter.....lost assertiveness in her own decisions.....memory lapses.....hating on herself because of memory lapses, warts, pimples and just the way she perceived herself......back pain.....sleeping more in the daytime.....feeling sick ......stomach feeling so tight it was painful.....abdominal pains......chest pains......heart racing for no reason.

I can’t understand how our own Ministry of Health did not act more responsibly for the safety and well being of all New Zealanders.   In trusting a company like Merck with the future of all our daughters?.....I can tell you right now !! No one had better put another needle into my boys !! From now on I will be checking out any immunisation......from top to bottom....side to side.

I just wish someone had warned me about Gardasil....... My Jasmine would still be here with us.

This is why I am speaking up.......When I saw my Daughter.... and even though she was cold and blue.....I was frantic ....... screaming......and hysterically trying to bring my daughter back.

I couldn’t believe it...! not my Daughter..! But all that time also in my head I was thinking..... what could have done this to my precious daughter?....And then..... it came to me.  The only thing different in her anything else that she had in the last four or five years was ?:

The HPV Vaccine for Cervical Cancer
Wondering why the text got bigger and bigger?  Cause that’s how Jasmine’s health was deteriorating without even her realizing it would end like this. She is the drive behind me and no one has influenced me in any way shape or form but my daughter ...... I have simply looked for help...... however and ...wherever to save lives and spare anymore pain.


Please report any reactions to this immunisation no matter how trivial it may seem and let’s give the MINISTRY OF HEALTH and CARM some work to do.

And I am just simply a mum..... no more..... no less..... and we know our daughters more than anyone in this world , My daughter and I had a VERY, VERY close relationship and in very close I mean we linked together so tight that even her boyfriend knew that he came after myself, her dad and her brothers and that Jasmine was the backbone of our family and we all idolised her. She was the perfect daughter. I can visualise my daughter and still can not believe it.  And then I think of how I found her lifeless body just lying in her bed on her side, just as she liked to sleep........I was hysterical in all sense of the word .

So when Merck’s ads say ......... ONE LESS FOR CERVICAL CANCER........... THEY REALLY MEAN IT.

She will never contract it now ........ WILL SHE ?

And I would like all possible tests done, with Jasmine’s Minute samples that can find  any link to the immunisation as I have read endless victims and their mums frustrated at the medical professions and pathologists when they can not come up with any answers to explain why their daughters are suffering and dying. Though it is clear to all us parents of all our once upon a time..healthy girls.. have in common is that they all received the cervical cancer vaccination.

Shouldn’t take any kind of scientist or statistics to work this fact out!!

From one sorrowful mum   -  Rhonda Renata