23 February 2011



 In this final segment of our three part series with Dr.Diane Harper, lead developer of Gardasil®, we will continue to uncover more shocking information about this HPV vaccine. We have already learned some startling facts about what many were expecting to be a "miracle" vaccine.

Dr.Harper has told those of us at Truth About Gardasil, that she feels the FDA was too lenient with the approval of this vaccine, giving Merck, "a blanket approval" for those in the 9 - 26 years of age group. She stated in order for either Gardasil® or Cervarix® to truly be effective against cervical cancer, the vaccines would need to last at least fifteen years, instead of the five years and eight years, respectively. We also got verification from Dr.Harper that Gardasil® is indeed causing some of those vaccinated to develop auto-immune health diseases.

This segment is devoted to the use of placebos during the vaccine trails of the HPV vaccines, and whether or not a true placebo was used. If you remember from your high school science class, in order to have a true experiment, you should have the substance you are studying and a benign substance, usually saline. It has been brought to the attention to those of us at Truth About Gardasil that saline was not the only placebo in this case, nor was it used in the entire vaccine trial process. In fact, the main "placebo" was an aluminum adjuvant. This same adjuvant is also used in the actual vaccine. We asked Dr.Harper about the use of saline, and if there was a full report somewhere comparing an injection of Gardasil® to an injection of saline. She says there is no such comparison. When asked if this was common practice in vaccine trials and if she were aware of this in any other trials, she stated, “Meaning vaccines for mumps, and pneumonia, and haemophilus? No." As it turns out, saline was used only in certain areas, and was compared to the aluminum adjuvant “placebo”, as well as Gardasil® .